NAPLAN data was released yesterday and I continue to be saddened at falling results, particularly with our teen boys in Year 9.  I wanted to share some key findings:

Key points:

  • About one in 10 students need extra support to meet classroom expectations, according to the latest NAPLAN data.
  • NAPLAN standards have been revised upwards for this year, but about 65 per cent of students around the country are still meeting literacy and numeracy expectations.
  • About 23 per cent of students are “developing”.
  • Almost 15 per cent of Australian year 9 boys don’t meet the national minimum achievement standard for reading — the highest proportion ever, according to the latest national NAPLAN test results.
  • Dr Hunter (Grattan Institute Education Program Director) said the decline in year 9 reading, particularly among boys, demanded policy-makers’ attention. 

“The year 9 boys look like they’re around a year’s worth of learning behind girls,” Dr Hunter said.

Teachers are already witnessing these declining results, which is why we are receiving many inquiries from high schools each week.  Students in the Year 7 – 9 age range are falling further and further behind.

NAPLAN results showed concerns around year 9 boys’ reading ability

Gap between Year 3 and Year 9

The gap continues to widen between the first NAPLAN test in Year 3, and the final test in Year 9. Here’s a comparative graph:

Year 3 NAPLAN Reading results

Year 9 NAPLAN Reading results

(Source: Channel 9 NAPLAN Results)

But we remain positive and offer data-proven solutions to the decline and disengagement in literacy.

Literacy For Kids now available for schools

Our programs ~ Literacy for Boys and Literacy for Kids ~ have had a huge uptake with schools and homeschoolers this year.  It reflects  two things:

a) the need for quality reading material that engages students 

b) a decline in reading skills over the past three years (COVID’s impact largely)

We are incredibly passionate about improving kids’ literacy – research consistently supports the fact that confident readers achieve more highly than disengaged learners. 

If we can get our children to enjoy reading they will grow into a reader, and that reader has more doors open to them in this world.

If you are wanting a resource that can boost your child’s or class’ literacy in 2023, please visit Literacy for Boys or Literacy for Kids

Check out our appearance on Channel 7 News where we were asked for our comment on NAPLAN results ~

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