Membership to the program can be purchased via annual subscription.  Once approved, login details will be sent to members by email. Then it becomes a matter of logging into the program to commence  learning and improving.  Parents can access our analytics dashboard to check on their son’s progress.

Parents might be unsure as to how appropriate the program is for their son’s age or ability level. LFB has tailored the program to specific age and learning ability levels.

Membership will provide access to a boy’s nominated age and ability level.

Don’t worry if your boy starts the program and finds the level is either too hard or too easy, contact us immediately and we can move your boy to an appropriate level.



Course Level Age School Year Level
Private 7 – 8 Year 3
Corporal 8 – 9 Year 4
Sergeant 9 – 10 Year 5
Captain 10 – 11 Year 6
Major 11 – 12 Year 7
Colonel 12 – 13 Year 8
General 13 – 14 Year 9


Each activity is designed to be short and sharp in order to keep boys interested. We recommend two activities are completed each week. This should take approximately a total of 30 minutes. It is intended that each program subscription has enough activities to keep your son busy for a full school year.

Annual memberships are based on a calendar year. If you join part way through the year, not only will you will receive access to your current age group but you be able to move up to the next age level at the start of the following school year.

Annual memberships can be purchased for just $89.90.