Literacy Areas Covered

Literacy Areas Covered

literacy areas covered Spelling


Words are age relevant and sequenced.  Spelling activities follow the themed topics to make them interesting, engaging and fun. Among the many insights that have come from learning-theory in education is the maxim that there is no substitute for practice. Mastery in any skill comes from practice. One important concern is to make spelling (and indeed vocabulary) relevant to the needs of boys. This explains our arrangement of words under each topic. Words that are commonly misspelt are also included.

literacy areas covered Comprehension


Comprehension passages aim to test and improve your understanding of what you read. Hence, this justifies their inclusion in English examinations and classroom work. You must understand a variety of comprehension skills: state a writer’s aim, indicate the main ideas, understand the language used, summarise and so on.  Interesting topics boys like and can relate to is the key.  Video, images and music grab their attention and get them engaged.  Read a passage and answer a range of multiple choice questions based on the above skills.

literacy areas covered Grammar


Before you begin to use any tool, you must know what it is for, how it should be used and why it is designed in a certain way. Accurate grammar is necessary for reading and writing with meaning. Language analysis and its usage is a necessary skill and activities include word meanings, sentence combination, verbs, nouns etc. to name just a few.

literacy areas covered Punctuation


Punctuation marks divide sentences so that their meaning is made clear. The exercises instruct and revise punctuation. Plus a range of fun resources, such as word finds and crosswords, which can be downloaded and printed.