Don’t take our word for it.  This is what some of our customers say:


“I have trialled Literacy For Boys with groups of boys.  To my delight, they have completed activities and then raced to the shelves to learn more about the Bermuda Triangle, Historical War Weapons, desert animals and various other topics.  This is every teacher’s dream!”  S Collins, School Librarian

“Our twin boys started the Literacy For Boys program.  Both have struggled with English and don’t enjoy reading.  What I like about Literacy For Boys is that our sons are engaged and interested in the variety of topics.” Colin – father of 12 year old twins

“We love Literacy For Boys! The kids found the content exciting and engaging, drawing them in with topics they liked and video clips to seal the deal.  The site itself is a breeze to navigate for all ages. What’s so amazing about it is that the kids don’t even feel like it’s learning, they just see it as fun.  I highly recommend it.”  Suzanne – mother of boys aged 9 & 12

“Literacy For Boys is a fun learning program.  I have enjoyed this.  In Literacy for Boys you can always choose which topic you want to do, and have fun while doing it.  I recommend it for every boy.”  Nick – user age 8

“I think it’s really clever how multimedia has been used.  My son was interested in the topics from the start but watching a short video clip at the beginning of each topic really hooked him.  I honestly don’t think he sees it as ‘homework’ he is just genuinely interested in the topics.”  Tim – father of a 13 year old son

“Literacy For Boys is great.  My son loves it and he can do it by himself on his iPad, anytime.”  Natasha – mother of a 10 year son