About Our Founder

Tanya Grambower

Tanya is Literacy For Boys’ Founder and Managing Director.

Tanya holds a Bachelor of Education and has gained over 20 years’ experience teaching in Australian and International schools.  For over 10 years, she has run her own successful personal tutoring business, One Step Ahead Tutoring.  Tanya is passionate about improving boys’ reading and literacy performance. Literacy For Boys was born out of her frustration with the lack of literary education resources suitable for boys.  Rather than complain, Tanya set about creating her own compendium of resources, building on the skills and knowledge she had developed through her teaching and tutoring experience.

Tanya is also a Mum of two boys, has taught in all boys’ schools and has personally tutored countless boys with great success.  The driving belief behind the development of Literacy For Boys is Tanya’s own concern for boys’ literacy development and the knowledge that when approached the right way, boys too can be switched on to reading and literacy.

“Motivation for learning the skills of reading and writing depends on making these activities relevant to the child for a lifetime.” (John Downing, The Reading Curriculum)