For those boys who learned to read easily and well, books are friends and educators.  They take the reader on expeditions into new places, worlds and universes.

For some, however, reading can be a lonely struggle up a mountain where the summit keeps shifting.  Books can be a source of frustration and dread.

Whatever your son’s experience, here are what we consider some of the best books for boys from 2017 to add to their reading landscape.

Ages 5 – 8 years

Pirates Magnified by David Long

Image result for pirates magnifiedAn impressive non-fiction variation on the search-and-find trend, this book cleverly features a 3X magnifying glass in the cover.  Boys can leave the landlubbers behind to discover the lives, skills, ships and booty of pirates.  (Published 2017)

Pirates Magnified is available now through BooktopiaAngus & RobertsonMelbourne Paperback Bookshop   and where all good books are sold.

Ages 9 – 12 years

Captain Jimmy Cook Discovers Third Grade by K and J Temple

This fast moving, engaging and funny book is written as ship logs.  The book weaves historical facts with hilarious fiction.  Boys will laugh out loud at references to smartboards, YouTube cat videos, a school-wide constipation episode and his hat that ‘gives him an edge’.  

Captain Jimmy Cook Discovers Third Grade is available now through BooktopiaAngus & Robertson , Allen & Unwin  and where all good books are sold.

Rockhopping by Trace Balla

An engaging book that follows Clancy and Uncle Egg’s adventure into the Australian bush.  This book is terrific – boys will enjoy the adventurous tone, the comic book-style layout, simple language, doses of humour and illustrations.  A male figure telling the narrative would further entice the reluctant male readers in this age group.  Highly recommended. (I thoroughly enjoyed this as an adult!)  Rockhopping is available now through Booktopia Angus & Robertson Allen & Unwin and where all good books are sold.

Ages 10 – 14 years

The Gigantic Book of Genes by L Hendry

From the back cover blurb: ‘Why do people in families look similar? How closely are related to your cousins, a chimpanzee and a banana? Whose fault is it if you can’t roll your tongue? Find out in The Gigantic Book of Genes.’

Using illustrations, simple language (also features large font – which appeals to reluctant readers), genetics is explained to curious readers.  Your son doesn’t need to have an interest in science.  The glossary and various, fun ‘tests’ give young boys a chance to discover some of their own genetic characteristics. 

The Gigantic Book of Genes can be found at Fishpond Booktopia Angus & Robertson and where all good books are sold. 

Ages 14+ 

One Would Think the Deep by Claire Zorn

2017 winner of the Book of the Year for Older Readers. It’s a book that deals with belonging and identity, trauma and hope.  Sam is 17 and his life was spiralling out of control after his mother died.  With only his skateboard and a few belongings he found himself in a seaside country town living with an estranged aunt.  A valid portrayal of a male teen character where an event, circumstance and character can either ruin or define you.

One Would Think the Deep is available now through Booktopia  Angus & Robertson and where all good books are sold.

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