Learning is more enjoyable and rewarding when it is an active process. Boys often dislike the sort of comprehension work and texts they are given and in many cases they have every reason to be reluctant. Such exercises can be meaningless extracts from novels they’ll never read, documentary texts on nature, descriptions of historic events: all worthy material for reading – but not often what they want to read. Comprehension exercises based on this sort of ‘forced’ reading have little value and are ineffective.

Literacy For Boys operates on an engagement model which we call ‘LFB’.    

Learner specific – Fun & engaging content – Base skill focussed. 

Our belief is that unless boys are engaged with the material they will not learn.  Our ‘LFB‘ model relies on and revolves around the successful integration of 3 core elements.  1).  Great content which is targeted, relevant to the audience, and will generate interest.  2).  A delivery mode that draws the user in and holds their interest. 3). An education platform that can provide the learning outcomes by focussing on base skills: comprehension, spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

We have endeavoured to provide a wide range of learning activities. The exercises themselves have been designed to capture the boys’ interest as they examine text, spelling and grammar and acquire skills in manipulating them. Our program responds to boys’ needs holistically. There is not one tool that will help boys learn, there are many. LFB’s structured program considers how boys learn, what they like, how they want to engage with their work. It involves parents in their learning and is done in a short, sharp and fun way.