Great Topic Dirtbikes

Dirt Bikes

Open up the throttle and learn about the tricks, stunts and equipment needed for dirt bike fun.

Great Topic Sharks


Learn all about these man eaters, discover different types of sharks, read about real-life survivors and other exciting stories.

Great Topic Nerf Guns

Nerf Guns

Don’t bring just any weapon to this GUN battle!  Which nerf gun is the best?  Find out which gun suits your Nerf war.

Great Topic Extreme Sports

Extreme Sports

Climbing Mt Everest, falling off cliffs, pro-bull riding and road bikes racing at speeds over 200km/hr – you can’t miss this.

Great Topic Sport Sport Sport

Sport, sport, sport 

Cricket, rugby, soccer, AFL, surfing, skateboarding, tennis – whatever your fix, we have it here.

Great Topic Robots


Be amazed by giant 5 metre robots that are custom made for destruction and read about the tiny gadgets that can change the world.

Great Topic Killer Animals

Killer Animals

Read about killers in the sea, on land and in the air. You never know, it may save your life if you ever come face to face with one of them.

Great Topic Everything Gross

Everything Gross

Sticky and icky but stomach-churning fun to read. There’s something here for all ages.

Great Topic Weapons & Secret agents

Weapons and Secret Agent Files

Learn the tricks of the trade of being a secret agent or spy. Read about fighter planes and war weapons.

Great Topic Adrenalin Adventures

Adrenalin Adventures

Get your heart racing with stories about cave diving, rock climbing, canoeing down rapids, adventure stories and more.

Great Topic Interesting History

Interesting History

Dangerous, action-packed historical events related to Cavemen, Gladiators, Vlad the Impaler, Vikings, Tribal Wars and Polar Exploration.

Great Topic Ghostly Tales

Ghostly Tales

Are ghosts real?  Some things cannot be easily explained: vampires, the Bermuda Triangle, ghosts, spirits and more.  Many of these stories are true – read if you dare!

Great Topic Gaming


PS or X-box?  Which gaming gadgets are worth the money? Console vs Computer?

Great Topic The Big Stink

The Great Stink

How do astronauts go to the toilet in space? Which animals are truly disgusting?

Great Topic Crime Scenes

Deadly Crime Scenes 

Can you solve the ‘Who did it?’ story? How can one fingerprint solve a murder?

Great Topic Angry Planet

Angry Planet

Acid rain, icebergs, cyclones, earthquakes and many more.  This section contains amazing facts but also real-life survivor stories!

Great Topic Zombies


The shuffling, moaning, walking dead.  How would you prepare for the zombie apocalypse?  Read some narrative zombie stories too.

Great Topic How stuff works

How Stuff Works

Learn about velcro, chewing gum, clouds, lasers, the human eye, glow worms and many more.

Great Topic World's Most Dangerous Jobs

World’s Most Dangerous Jobs

From bomb disposal experts, loggers, firefighters to pilots, read about the risks associated with the most hazardous occupations.  (written for older readers)

Great Topic Are You For Real

Are you for real?

This topic explores various phenomenon including giant mosquitoes, the Yeti (Abominable Snowman), Yowie, The Lost City of Atlantis and the Loch Ness monster.

Great Topic Deadly Desert

Deadly Desert

The desert is dry, barren, hot and silent – not a drop of water for months.  If the desert is so hostile, then how can things survive?

Great Topic Survival

Accident Survival

Lost in the bush? Is fire a threat? Is your boat sinking? Handy information that is life-saving.

Great Teen Topics

Teen Topics

(For grades 6 to 9) Covering pre-packaged energy foods, bullying, body image, and an interesting story from a past gang member.

Great Topic Wars & Battles

Wars and Battles 

Learn about tank warfare, battle stories and much more.

Great Topic What Every Boy Should Have

What every boy should have…

This topic looks at why you should have a pet dog, an ant farm, a pet boa constrictor, a pot-bellied pig, a very expensive bike and more.  You just need to convince mum and dad!!

Great Topic Supercars

Super Cars 

Drool with envy at cars that are fast and furious!

Great Topic Pokemon


Why is this such a popular game?  Read more about this craze.

Great Topic Weird & Wacky Animals

Weird and Wacky Animals

Learn surprising facts about zebras, rats, spiders, chameleons and rare Australian animals.

Great Topic Fantastic Food

Fantastic Food

Milk or no milk? What’s your opinion on junk food? Plus reading tasks on making some amazing foods.

Great Topic High Tech Toys

High Tech Toys

Read about the Revo glider, minidrones, Sphero and other gadgets that you’d like in your toy box!