A Unique Learning Program For Boys

An effective online program targeted at boys to improve their literacy skills
and is aligned with the Australian Curriculum.

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A Unique Learning Program For Boys

Information For Parents

Our Process

Literacy for Boys is an Australian Curriculum aligned program that has been designed to respond to how boys learn, where their interests lie and how best to engage with their learning.

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How We Work

Literacy for Boys (LFB) is an online learning program that is age-specific and tailored specifically to boys, their interests and how they learn.

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What Are The Costs

Membership to the program can be purchased via annual or monthly subscriptions. Annual subscriptions are just $89.99. That’s less than $1.80 per week! Monthly plans are also available for $14.90.

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Literacy for Boys is a truly unique learning program for boys.

Targeted: The program is specifically aimed at boys, on topics they like and delivered in a way they love and learn best.

Tailored: Programs are age-specific, and focused on the core areas of literacy: comprehension, grammar, spelling and punctuation.

Effective: Interesting and engaging topics combined with a delivery mode that supports the way a boy learns in order to generate excellent learning outcomes. 

Fun: A multitude of interesting and fun topics to choose from. No matter what your boy is interested in.

Comprehensive: Developed by professional educators and curriculum aligned, with more than 1000 learning activities specifically aimed at boys. 

Our program includes topics such as:

  • Soccer
  • Rugby
  • Dirt bikes
  • Gaming
  • Robotics
  • Super cars
  • Killer animals
  • Ghosts
  • Secret agent
  • Zombies
  • Extreme sports
  • Sharks