Explaining Reading: Imaging

#3.  Imaging

A distinguishing skill of good comprehenders is that they respond to the descriptive text they read.  They create pictures, or visual representations, in their minds.

Like so much of comprehension, imaging is something that good readers seem to do "naturally'.  To these students, reading is like watching a movie ~ they use their imagination to create a me...

Explaining Reading: Monitoring and Questioning

#2.  Monitoring & Questioning

Comprehension is an active cycle of mental activity.  Last week we discussed Predicting ~ but this is only the beginning process of seeking meaning. The cycle continues as students move into the text.

Basically, they monitor, question and, if necessary, they abandon the prediction they made earlier and form new predictions.


Explaining Reading: Predicting

#1.  Predicting

Predicting is fundamental to comprehension.  Good readers anticipate meaning.  They do this by predicting what they think is going to happen and by revising their predictions as they read.

Predicting is a skill for all ages - from emergent to high school readers

Emergent readers make predictions as they are listening to stories being read to them. ...

Gearing up for Term 4: How to Maximise Student Engagement

The end of the school year is approaching and it can be a tough time where some students may be starting to mentally check out.

While it’s been a more settled year, our students will still be tired and everyone is still playing catchup after learning interruptions from covid. So how do we keep kids focussed at this time of year?  Today's article will provide teachers, parents, ...

Read Before You Stream: Kids’ books made into tv and movies

School holidays are approaching - it's a great opportunity to encourage reading. Kids love to watch movies and tv shows, so why not motivate more reading with book choices that have stream-able adaptations? Many great children’s books have been adapted as movies or as a tv series, just take your pick from this list!  Happy reading and streaming.

Things you can do NOW to improve student literacy

NAPLAN results are headlining at the moment and the data is difficult to ignore.  However, we want to focus on the positives: how can we all work together to improve the literacy of our Aussie students?

Here are some strategies that you - parents, teachers, tutors & boarding masters - can employ to enhance the literacy of all stud...

One in 10 students needing extra support, NAPLAN data reports

NAPLAN data was released yesterday and I continue to be saddened at falling results, particularly with our teen boys in Year 9.  I wanted to share some key findings:

Book Week – It’s more than the dreaded costume!

Children's Book Week in Australia is held in August every year.  While organising a costume can be a trial for parents, it is a week that books and reading are celebrated.  Supporting the activities during Book Week shows your positive attitude and helps to promote book enjoyment in your son.  Use this week to 'get in character' with your son and embrace the fun. But don't limit it to just o...

Five Tips for Helping Boys with Reading Comprehension

I think many of us have witnessed the fact that boys would rather do anything but read.  Teachers and parents alike have heard all the excuses: he's too busy, can’t find anything he likes or just doesn’t enjoy it.  Don’t worry, you’re not alone and there are plenty of things we can do to help boys engage with reading.  We believe that

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Why Write? Tips for reluctant writers

Why write when so many forces in the world seem hurled against writing?  Tech such as ChatGPT makes it seem like we don't need to bother.  Writing is back-breaking, mind-breaking work.  Kids (boys especially!) might ask: What's the point?  Here's why.......

Writing can teach you to think

There’s jumble and unconscious rumble in our minds most of the time.  Our kids (and us)...