Sleep and technology: achieving better sleep health for our kids

The purpose here is to explore what impact evening media use has on our students' schoolwork and/or sufficient healthy sleep. Does it compromise students’ ability or aptitude for positive academic success?

Technology is increasingly relied on by modern society. Parents, kids, and teachers alike all
use technology for work and during downtime. Researchers from the US estimated ...

10 Tips for Teachers for Working with Struggling Readers and Writers

Over the past 18 months we have seen a surge of enquiries from teachers and schools wanting a program to address the literacy demands of a wide range of readers and writers in the upper primary and secondary years.  Compounding the challenge for teachers is the reality that today’s classrooms are filled with students with increasingly diverse needs, stemming from differences in their home la...

Why are writing skills in Australia declining?

An article published by Education Review magazine yesterday outlines why writing skills are declining both in Australia and worldwide.  Writing is such an important literacy skill and the reason why we created 51 Writing Prompts Resource for Teachers ~ feedback from teachers is that their students love the tasks.  (Contact us to see how you can access this for your class.)

7 Powerful and Practical Tips for Kicking Goals in 2022!

Although we are more than halfway through the year, we want to ensure that 2022 is a year full of success and happiness. Here are some tips for our older students (but you can modify these for younger kids) and families to kick some goals in '22!

1. Review your goals.  Are they realistic?

You may well have already considered this but now that you're half way into the year, ...

LFK featured by Australian Boarding Schools Association

Great to appear in the Australian Boarding Schools Association magazine Lights Out.

To read the full article, click here.


Looking for a program to en...

Budgeting Kids’ Screen Time

"But Mum, it's educational! I just need a few more minutes."  If you're like me you've heard this from your kids when you ask them to get off screens.  And they are partly correct with games such as Minecraft.  But as we approach school holidays (and even during the week), most of us parents can't help but relate video games with excessive screen time.

And so the technology battlefie...

Connecting Boys with Books

The holidays—and winter break—are approaching!  The term has undoubtedly been hectic and action-packed … and everyone is looking forward to the break.  But to build up any weaknesses in the literacy of our students, and to raise their confidence as well, they will need to read over the break.  Let's look at 6 Strategies to Connect Boys with Books.

1.  Read for fun, read forev...

Why it matters whether our kids like school

"School SUX!"  It's something that we've all heard and possibly felt when we were at school.

It’s a fairly common comment that both parents and teachers might be tempted to dismiss. After all, school is good for you! Like broccoli and carrots. It is something you have to have, whether you like it or not.

But does the intrinsic “good” and compulsory nature of school education ...

Six Powerful Reasons Why Kids Need to Write

Many of us will remember the Choose Your Own Adventure books ~ freedom to choose your destiny is one of childhood's greatest gifts.  This article will look at linking reading and writing ~ both are important for literacy acquisition.  And with the technology boom, this generation is writing less.  Learning to write is an ongoing process, and the more fun that we make it for kids, the better ...

5 Tips to Battle the Mid-term Slump

It circles around every year. Everyone starts the year strongly, plans well, and the first semester races towards its end.  This is the time when students might be feeling tired, burnt out and ready for holidays.  Plus there is cold/flu season (and the ever-present Covid) to battle with.  How can you help your students and child to remain in the right headspace during this assessment period?...