An article released today by Education Review further supports our view on the benefits of reading out loud to our children.

Researchers from the University of Southern Australia collected data from over 60 000 children aged between 5 and 6 years, focussing on those who had suffered neglect.  The study found that they were developmentally behind their peers when starting kindergarten.

The Impact of Literacy at School

The flow-on effect is that it places increased pressure on teachers and early childhood educators to intervene. There is no denying the impact that literacy has on almost every aspect of life. Children who struggle with reading and writing run the risk of falling behind in other subjects as well. 

When students struggle with reading comprehension, they often find themselves struggling in other areas of their education. 

Students who have developed strong reading skills perform better in the classroom and have a healthier self-image.  As a reading specialist, I have seen how literacy skills can make a difference between a student falling behind and excelling,” says Tanya.

As a teacher and tutor, Tanya has seen firsthand how poor reading ability can directly affect a student’s social well-being.  “An inability to keep pace with their fellow students can lead to feelings of inferiority and damaged confidence.  Boys are particularly reluctant to ask for help in front of their peers, which can lead to a downward spiral in their academic performance.”

Parents, teachers and reading specialists can have a monumental effect on the trajectory of a student’s life. Engaging with books and regular reading can bolster confidence, improve grades and pave the way for their success in their future careers.

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