Why write when so many forces in the world seem hurled against writing?  Writing is back-breaking, mind-breaking work.  Kids (boys especially!) might ask: Why bother?  Here’s why…….


Writing can teach you to think

There’s jumble and unconscious rumble in our minds most of the time.  Our kids (and us) live in a stream of information, and most of that stream doesn’t really go anywhere.  Use this example with your son:  writing can help your son to discipline (or train) his mind the same way that a workout disciplines the body.  Writing can help him to reason and to give reasons.


Starting a story takes guts

Boys can verbally tell you a story, often chatting for many minutes. But as soon as paper and pencil are produced……. it becomes a ghost-white page that haunts them.  Basically, starting takes guts.  Look at writing a story like football – throw yourself into the game, all out, head down and body on the line into the opposition.  They need to just start.


Do it everyday

Writing for boys can be daunting: scary and harrowing.  So, make writing a regular encounter for your son.  Get them to fill in information on the family calendar, write lists, write a letter to Grandma, a note of thanks, write jokes on bits of paper, use a shoe box as a letterbox.


Here are some more inspiring ideas to get writing:

  • Make them a Story Box – fill it with action heroes, dinosaurs, cars, pictures of sports/sportspeople, something from nature or anything that is special to them.  
  • Check out this online Sentence Starter This will deliberately help your son to move past their fear of coming up with ideas.
  • Use Comic Strips (free templates can be downloaded and printed).  A comic strip can be useful for planning out your son’s story.


The last word…..

Our aim should be to improve our boys’ relationship with writing.  We need our boys to leap the barrier and start to write.


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