I often reference the decline of  boys reading books, so I wanted to give teachers and parents some book ideas.  With school holidays approaching, these can be a great list that you can take to your bookstore or library.  (To save time, download your library’s app and reserve books)

Finding the right book is the key to transforming a kid who says they don’t like to read into a self-described “reader.” I find this to be especially true for boys.

To compile this list, I surveyed a wide range of 9- to 14-year-old boys, a mix of avid and reluctant readers. Here are the books the kids raved about because they had the perfect combination of suspense, action, and character drama, plus storylines so engaging they didn’t want to put them down.  (Some of these have been on our bookshelf for a couple of years and have been read and reread ~The Rangers Apprentice was a hit with both of our boys.)

We hope that you find something for your young male readers.  (Please note that girls may also love these books – my daughter enjoyed The Outsiders as her school text.  I’m currently compiling a list that will appeal to girls.) 

Approved favourites

Oldies but goodies:


New and exciting

Something for older readers (can highly recommend these)

Last year we wrote an article about the most popular books in 2021.  Click here to find more titles: Which are the most popular books for kids and young adults?


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