We understand: conventional teaching techniques might not consistently engage boys. We’ve seen it firsthand and literacy data supports this. At Literacy for Boys, our goal is to introduce innovative methods that inject enthusiasm into learning, ensuring it’s enjoyable for boys of every age.

New to our platform? Fantastic! We’re thrilled to welcome you! Let’s explore the four easy steps to kickstart your journey with us.

1. What makes Literacy for Boys so special? 

Literacy for Boys is an Australian Curriculum-aligned program that has been designed to respond to how boys learn, where their interests lie and how best to engage with their learning.  Our feedback from parents, our visits with teachers and data from schools consistently proves that engagement is key to lifting literacy with boys!

2. Explore the student’s journey

A multitude of interesting and fun topics to choose from. No matter what your boy is interested in, we have it covered!  Developed by professional educators and curriculum aligned, with more than 4000 learning activities specifically aimed at boys.  Watch how the program works with one of our hit topics ~ Bungy Jumping:

3. Track each boy’s progress

To keep an eye on each boy’s progress, head to the Student Reports Dashboard. This report provides an overview of each boy’s activity progress and his overall performance. You’ll find data on average accuracy by each task, his completed tasks, and the latest lessons and results.  Watch this short 3-minute video clip here ~

4. Getting Support at Literacy for Boys

We’re committed to making literacy an enjoyable experience for boys, parents and educators. If you ever need assistance, our exceptional customer support team is here to help. Remember, every step you take brings you closer to making a positive impact on every boy’s literacy development. And we’re excited to be a part of that journey too!

Email us at info@literacyforboys.com.au or visit www.literacyforboys.com.au.  (School trials have shown both boys’ and girls’ literacy improved by 11.5 months after only 18 weeks!)

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