We hear it all the time — education is the key to success, so what options are there when your child struggles to learn to read and spell?  Homeschooling may have revealed gaps in your child’s learning during this education disruption.  

The Problem: Gaps

More often than not, the problem doesn’t actually lie with your child. Most reading and spelling problems are caused by gaps in the reading or spelling curriculum. Gaps are created when a child might miss an incremental step, or when information is taught in an illogical sequence.

The issues with boys and literacy are well documentedThe broader concern is how poor performance in literacy can have negative knock-on effects in other areas.  Not just with their schooling, but in all aspects of a boy’s life – especially their self-esteem.


Getting boys to read is tough!

Literacy for Boys developed material that boys love to read.

Learning is more enjoyable and rewarding when it is an active process. Boys often dislike the sort of comprehension work and texts they are given – mainly because it isn’t relevant to them.  Getting your son to complete reading activities can be particularly frustrating – and remote learning surely adds another pressure.


Literacy For Boys operates on an engagement model which we call ABC‘.   

Audience specific – Boy focused – Content driven

Imagine if boys could choose topics that they like?  Engagement leads to a motivation to read.  Improved literacy follows.  We have the proof that our program boosts literacy and turns reluctant, poor readers into more confident, engaged readers.


Bridging the literacy and learning gaps with LFB

When I developed Literacy for Boys  I had a clear image of a connected sequence in my mind. I spent many hours analyzing each and every step. I wanted every boy to have the benefit of clear, concise, well structured, engaging and fail-proof activities.

Each step is connected. LFB aims to make reading an enjoyable experience for boys.


Some words from teachers….

Literacy for Boys has been a go-to program to close reading and spelling learning gaps in a number of schools. It is easy, engaging, offers feedback for students and can be added to your literacy program.

  • All the students find the topics interesting and at no stage do I ever hear the students say they feel ‘dumb’ as the topics are age-relevant. LFB is compatible with text to speech which makes the program very inclusive for the dyslexic children who struggle to read but comprehend well – it just removes the unnecessary pressure for them.  It is lovely to come across a program that has a child’s best interest at heart.” – Jo, classroom and Support Teacher Upper Primary/Early Secondary
  • Our school commenced using the LFB program in 2018 as a tool to assist students to develop their literacy skills and foster a positive attitude towards reading. Students found the program fun, interesting and engaging. A majority of students had significantly improved their literacy skills.” – Sue, Learning Support Teacher Years 4 , 5 and 6
  • “Before we started LFB we took a snapshot of the students’ current levels in reading, comprehension and spelling using outsourced independent tests.  At the conclusion of the 20-week trial, we used those same tests to measure the distance travelled and were delighted to see an increase of nearly 12 months across all those areas. Most important was the anecdotal feedback from our students who were engaged and enjoying using the program. The program allows for differentiated delivery of content in an enticing platform that has captured not only the interest of our boys, but equally our girls who enjoy the program just as much.” – Gerard, Deputy Principal

See what parents and boys have to say….

  • Since Caleb has started LFB there are no more tears for either of us.  For the first time, he is remembering his spelling words –  he scores 100% every time that I verbally test him.  He now has so much confidence just from the short time we have been doing your program that he now asks straight away if he doesn’t understand something and we go over it again until he does understand it. I am just so excited.   THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU! LFB is really making MASSIVE POSITIVE changes to our son – thank you so much for making the program accessible. It has changed our lives.” – Michelle, mother of Caleb
  • I really enjoy the videos and the pictures.  I like the questions and the challenges.” – Deacon, class 4A
  • The videos make me more interested in reading.  I really like the spelling and the questions.” – Fletcher, aged 9
  • The program is online and information is current and suited predominantly for boys’ interests.  My son is very excited to use it at home and in class.” – Samantha, mother of Andreas
  • My son is in Year 8.  This is the first program that he has willingly engaged with.  The topics have been the key to keeping his interest.  We started to see the benefits after only 4 months.” – Bec, mother of Ryan
  • This program is full of fun and interesting topics that have really grabbed my son’s attention and make him want to do the activities. Highly recommend it.” –   Kate, mother of Alex


We are offering a FREE 2 week trial of Literacy for Boys. Try it for yourself and see how it works for your kids (8 years to 15 years).  Contact us today: info@literacyforboys.com.au


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